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The Fitness-Back Pain Connection Part 1

back pain treatment nycHere’s an interesting bit of information: if you’re lacking in physical fitness, you’re more likely to develop a back pain condition, such as a herniated disc, than someone who leads an active lifestyle. So why is this? Well, the human body is built for movement – all the joints, bones, and muscles benefit from regular physical exertion. Recent studies have found exercise to be effective in reducing symptoms and improving mobility in patients with a certain degree of lower back pain. So improving your level of fitness can help prevent or alleviate some of your back pain… but how? Here’s a few ways:

Cardiovascular exercise, or movement that heats up the body and leaves you breathing hard, works wonders for improving blood flow to all the tissues in the body. Though you might think your heart and lungs are the chief beneficiaries of this exercise, you’d be wrong. All tissues of the body benefit from the increased blood flow, including the numerous muscles and ligaments of the lower back and the core. Having these muscles strong and supple takes extra pressure off the vulnerable parts of the spine.

Staying physically fit is directly connected to being able to maintain a healthy weight. Failing to do so can lead to packing on extra pounds, which can lead to extra stress on spinal structures. Maintaining a healthy weight helps take pressure off of a spine that is likely already overstressed by postural and gravitational forces. Built up pressure is what contributes to painful problems like a pinched sciatic nerve(which causes sciatica).

Throwing on some extra weight to your exercise sessions can challenge your bones to compensate and grow. This leads to bone strengthening and helps prevent the thinning of bones, known as osteoporosis. But remember not to overdo it and focus on perfecting the form of your movements. Someone specializing in physical therapy or sports medicine can be a huge help here.

Exercise can also influence your mood in a positive way. Your body responds to exercise by releasing endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. Additionally, exercise helps boost energy levels and gets you feeling better overall. It’s important not to overlook the psychological benefits of exercise because a poor mood disposition and being fearful is linked to an increased risk of disability.

Exercise is not a “magic bullet” for back pain, though. If you’re suffering from chronic back pain, you should seek an evaluation from an experienced back pain specialist. At Living Well Medical in NYC, we have numerous therapies and treatment modalities available to both treat your back pain and boost your level of fitness. We’re with you every step of the way as you progress toward lasting pain relief and, ultimately, Living Well.

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