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SpineForce, Cutting Edge Physical Therapy in NYC

The SpineForce is a cutting edge proprioceptively based piece of equipment, designed to help you strengthen the deep intrinsic core and lower back muscles. The Spineforce combines varied grips stances and pushing and pulling techniques, to help rehabilitate and strengthen the deep postural and stabilizing muscles that help keep your skeletal tissue from being overused and becoming dysfunctional.

Herniated, bulging and degenerated discs can be caused by something as seemingly simple as improper posture. Improper form when sitting, exercising, sleeping, and even walking, can compress the discs in the spine and overload deeper muscles causing the body to adapt the kinetic chain to improper movement patterns, further compounding the problems that lead to painful conditions, such as sciatica. At Living well Medical we use the SpineForce as a part of our integrated treatment plan for helping patients relieve pain and recover from herniated or bulging discs. When a patient, after undergoing non surgical spinal decompression, has improved enough to start a physical therapy program, the SpineForce is used as a part of that integrated, individualized process.

SpineForce can improve not only muscular strength and endurance, but it also improves stability, joint mobilization, proprioception, balance, flexibility, posture as well as cardiovascular conditioning. Combined with an oscillating platform and varied grips and visual feedback, it is a cutting edge piece of technology that is also simple to use.

It can not only be used to treat muscular imbalances and help rehabilitation, but it can help improve general strength and athletic ability. When combined with other non invasive treatments such as the Graston Technique, non surgical spinal decompression, Cold Laser Therapy, Active Release Techniques and Physical Therapy, the SpineForce can be a great tool in fighting back pain, and physiological dysfunction.

Visit Living Well New York to learn more.
Watch the SpineForce at work:

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