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Arm Pain and Cervical Radiculopathy

At my Downtown Manhattan office, Living Well Medical, we get a lot of people who come in thinking that they have carpal tunnel syndrome. Having wrist, hand or arm pain can be an indication of CTS, but it isn’t the only possibility, especially if it is bundled with other kinds of pain. In situations where back or neck pain are also present, a condition called Cervical Radiculopathy is occasionally the cause. But instead of just dropping a medical term on you, let’s discuss what cervical radiculopathy is in a little more detail.

Cervical radiculopathy

Areas of the body potentially affected by cervical radiculopathy.

Radiculopathy is actually a term that describes a subset of medical issues that involve compression of the nerve roots in the body. Based on the location of the nerve root being compressed (as in ‘cervical’ meaning the nerve roots stemming from the cervical vertebrae of the neck) and the severity of the compression, a chiropractor or back doctor can make recommendations for treatment and initiate a program to relieve the pain.

Of course, there are several vertebrae in the neck and depending on which are playing a role in the nerve pain, symptoms may vary.

The picture in this post shows just how widely the pain’s location can vary – the cervical nerve roots supply sensation and motor function to a large portion of the upper body. That’s why the arm, hand and wrist pain you are feeling might not be associated carpal tunnel syndrome where the median nerve in the wrist is being compressed as it passes through the carpal tunnel.

Basically, that means you need to see a doctor who can make an accurate diagnosis the first time. At Living Well Medical in NYC, our board-certified pain management specialist uses a test called a Nerve Conduction Velocity study to determine the particular location of a nerve compression. That means you can get the right treatment the first time, without surgery. For more information on treatment at our NYC office, call us today at 212-645-8151.